NewTechResentra: a Franco-German partnership serving construction and industry

Strength through union:
a Franco-German skills partnership

Combining forces to maximise performance: that was the motivation behind the Franco-German partnership we know today: in 2005 NEW TECHNOLOGY BTP in France and RESENTRA GmbH in Germany decided to combine forces to develop a concept of performance around the technique of suction-excavation.

It all started with 2 men, 2 passions, 2 cultures:


Alain Scheidecker
Dedicated and enthusiastic tester of construction machinery
Founder of New Technology BTP – France

Employed by a subsidiary of SADE in Alsace, Alain Scheidecker is an enthusiastic devotee of new products: he tests machinery of all shapes and sizes, looks for applications and ways of using them to best advantage. In 1999 on acquiring the first suction-excavator within the SADE group in France, its director Dominique Labeille (now technical director France at HOBAS) called him: “Go on, have fun! Test it. Tell me how to get the best out of it.” After carrying out a full test and giving his conclusions, he naturally became the “trainer” of other users. This is what finally led to the creation of his own company in 2004: New Technology BTP SARL specialising in work, after-sales service and training in the best use of suction-excavators As a result of its flawless expertise, the company is developing and rapidly expanding throughout France.


Frank Dambach
Mechanics enthusiast
Founder of Resentra GmbH – Germany

The son of a German industrial contractor, Frank Dambach inherited his enthusiasm from his father Otto: dismantling and reassembling engines very quickly became his favourite game. Aged only 16, he replaced the original engine in his Father’s Mercedes with an AMG one. Bet won! Mad about mechanical engineering, Franck became an incomparable technician! After several years of experience at Mercedes, he created RESENTRA GmbH in 1999 which was dedicated to technical consulting with the aim of providing innovative solutions to problems of waste management, industrial decontamination, transport and logistics, etc. The development of bespoke tools and robots is now the everyday passion of Franck Dambach who currently runs, with his sister Ute, the Otto Dambach GmbH & Co KG group. With more than 300 employees, the group works with industry in cleaning, and decontamination operations, management of environmental incidents, waste and transport management.

Site engineering and suction-excavation logistics

It was in 2005 that the two men decided to create a skills partnership to roll out the fleet of suction-excavators they shared over French territory initially then on a Europe- indeed world-wide scale.

Today, this partnership is embodied in the trademark “NEW TECH RESENTRA” which operates as follows:

  • The French site New Technology BTP is the design department for site engineering: after analysis of the site and its special requirements, the optimum working solution is developed, with or without the development of bespoke tools, and the team which to carry out the work is put together according to the skills required.
  • The German site Resentra GmbH acts as logistics platform: the fleet of suction-excavator lorries and auxiliary machinery. If required, bespoke tools are developed in Germany in accordance with the specifications defined in France. Resentra can also second personnel in particular to meet the certification requirements of certain sites.

NEW TECH RESENTRA has become the leader in suction excavation, cleaning and decontamination in Europe (Romania, UK, Spain, etc.) and increasingly at global level in countries such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.