Equipment hire

Outil hydraulique GATTO
Outil hydraulique RESENTRUS
Outil hydraulique PORTE TUBE

“GATTO” hydraulic tool

  • Hydraulic operation (supplied directly by suction-excavator)
  • Suction carried out at the tool
  • Very light and easy to handle, easy to access cramped spaces

“RESENTRUS” hydraulic tool

  • Standalone hydraulic operation
  • Can be radio-controlled
  • Fitted with a drill or a bucket

“PORTE TUBE” hydraulic tool

  • Hydraulic operation either standalone or directly on suction-excavator
  • Access to very cramped spaces (under pipes, networks, etc.)
  • Suction as close as possible to the desired location

“KUBOTA” tool

  • Standalone operation controlled by transmitter-receiver