High performance suction and blowing

Site engineering and technical support for special works

NewTechResentra provides you with many years of experience on the ground to support you in defining specifications and site engineering. Indeed, certain sites do not enable conventional tools to be used but require special and effective support from the beginning to the end of the project. And if our fleet of machines and auxiliary tools are not enough to resolve a specific problem, we will develop any special tool you need to carry out the work efficiently.

VAC or 4-turbine industrial suction-excavators: high depressurisation with maximum safety

Our VAC or 4-turbine industrial suction-excavators are used for work requiring high-power suction and exceptional efficiency. On special sites, the use of special hoses and the earthing of an equipotential line ensures maximum safety.

 High-pressure blowing on difficult-to-access sites

The VAC suction-excavator can carry out blowing operations on difficult-to-access sites through a transfer from the vacuum pump to a compressor running at a pressure of between 1 and 2 bars. Using conventional tools on this type of site would be much less efficient.

A special requirement? We develop bespoke tools!

Deciding factors:

  • Maximum power and efficiency in total safety

  • Work on upper floors or basements and in difficult-to access places

  • Site cleanliness: after work has been completed the lorry leaves with the materials which have been sucked up

  • Development of bespoke tools to make the site more efficient

  • Excellent efficiency/site cost ratio

Numerous applications:

  • Work on flat roofs to renew gravel

  • Filling of the gap between a conduit and a pipe

  • Filling silos with sand, gravel, wood pellets, etc.

  • Sandblasting or stripping on major installations (on all metallic structural framework)

  • Excavation of swimming pools and creation of a subformation level

  • Cleaning of tunnels or stormwater retention basins

  • Blowing of all types of substrate (pozzolana, mulching, fine gravel, crushed glass, etc.) for landscaping purposes